What is this for?

This blog is not to scare anyone.

This blog is not to scare anyone. My purpose is to release all the information I got from the individuals who had personal encounters with extraterrestrial beings. I do my own research and studies to satisfy my growing curiosity about these matters. I don’t get any income out of doing this, my sole purpose of sharing these information is to make the public aware about the possibilities we are yet to encounter in case this is proven true. Since I was a child, my dream is to become an astronaut . I have the heart and courage to challenge my belief and understanding beyond this life. Unfortunately, that dream of becoming an astronaut didn’t come true. Maybe it was not really for me. And maybe because I was born to program. Yes, I am a programmer by day and a researcher by night. All the things that I wrote here are the product of my research and curiosity.

Yes, I am a programmer by day and a researcher by night.

I have passion for life which is why I wanted to know whether the existence of extraterrestrial beings is true. They have a life, too. I wanted to know them and look at them with a naked eye. I have this deep desire to understand why they do what they do. I want to answer all the questions on my mind as to  why they are trying to show themselves but at the same time resist from being noticed? Why they allow us to have a glimpse but refused to be stared at? I’d like to know why they cross our world when they already have their own. I want to know all these.

There are other contents that I cannot write anymore for there are readily available online. Please take the time in reading other resources aside from this blog.

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