Alien Abduction

Why are they doing this?

Are we really alone? Or there are mysteries that we haven’t uncovered yet? My love for conspiracies has brought me into the world of questioning. There are individuals who are claiming that they were abducted by aliens. These are professional individuals who are earning decent salary; they are not trying to get public attention. Who wants public attention when you will end up being judged?  What is their purpose in sharing their stories? After watching interviews of these people, I often find myself afraid. What if the same thing happens to me?

The question is why are they doing this? Some people say that aliens want to be humans. They find us beautiful compared to their physical appearance. Some people say that aliens are wanting to migrate here on Earth, however their physical attribute is not designed to live on planet earth, that’s why they want to be us. They can stay here but not for a long period of time unlike humans, because this is our home.

There are other stories that they play with our minds. They want to communicate but cannot reveal their identity as this may cause awareness among us. Aliens understand that we are also smart like them and they are afraid with what humans can do. They may have the most advance technologies but they don’t have the intuition like human has. Our uniqueness and unpredictability makes us difficult subject for them to understand. According to the books I read, aliens follow rules letter by letter, cannot miss one thing, otherwise they will be punished to death. There is always a barrier between human world and their world, no other parties can cross over permanently but it is possible to cross over temporarily.

Failed abduction of a little girl

I find these stories hard to believe until I met Krisha. She seems to be a normal little girl, she is always happy and cheerful until one night she had a nightmare. Krisha was shouting and crying that night, her parents hurried and went to her room. They asked her what happened. She said she saw a monster who wanted to take her. Her parents asked her to describe the monster who tried to abduct her. I’m having goosebumps right now as I tell you this story. She said it has a big head and bald, it has very dark eyes and has odd teeth. She sleeps now with her parents because she had a trauma that night.