Getting Ready for Alien Invasion

Preparing for an alien invasion is much like preparing to survive a wildfire (Read for more).

Ufo Invasion Forest

First, you have to prepare your house. They say safety begins at home. When you want to survive a wildfire, you start by removing all combustible materials from or near your home. After all, they’ll attract fire. The same thing goes with preparing for an alien invasion. You should remove stuff that could draw aliens to your home. Too many lights and too much noise are a no-no. So even if you have the best radio in town, you shouldn’t crank the volume up too high if you don’t want aliens to find you. Prepping your house also involves the act of setting traps. In case they see your home, you should know better by preparing traps that will stop them from getting to you and your family. With a few handyman tools, you can make the best yet cheapest traps you can think of.

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Second, you should have plan B. If all else fails, you should be prepared to say goodbye to your house. Have an escape plan ready and explain the plan to the people who are with you in the house. Escaping aliens may be as challenging as fleeing a wildfire, so be sure you have an emergency kit with you. A toolbox with sharp tools may also come in handy against evil aliens you may encounter during your escape. Don’t forget to bring your radio as well! You’ll need it to stay updated with what’s happening in your town or around the world.

Lastly, call the authorities. Once you’ve escaped and are in a safe place, call the authorities or reach out to them in any way you can. Inform them of your location and whether or not you think you’re surrounded. Also, be sure to remind them how many you are so that when rescue comes, there won’t be anyone left behind to wait for another transportation.


It’s pretty much like calling the fire department, only that this one is more intense because you don’t know what you’re dealing with exactly. Note that calling the authorities could be your first step. It depends on whether you can handle the situation or not.

The Extraterrestrial Saws

Extraterrestrial refers to aliens most of the time. They are beings of or from outside the planet we live in. But the term can also be used to define another word—something that’s intelligent. And saws are definitely one of the most intelligent inventions of man.

Saws are special. They have various features that make them one of the most reliable tools on the planet. They save money, time, and resources. These things are sort of like aliens in their own intelligent way.

Scroll saw

If you’ve read reviews of saws, you’ll be aware of how helpful they are in our everyday lives, especially for the handymen, the carpenters, and DIY project lovers. These tools can cut like there’s no tomorrow. And they even come with the most amazing attributes that make it easier for you to handle them. They have different splitting settings that will enable you to work with various materials—wood, plastic, metal—name it, and they can do the cutting you want.

Miter saw

They’re so efficient you would thank the heavens for them, even if you didn’t believe in heaven before. If you try and look at it with a different perspective, you’d even see that they could somehow be compared to clever people because they know what to do and are good at what they do.

Saws are blessings. Seriously. Whether it’s a table saw, a pole saw, a tile saw, a miter saw, a circular saw, a band saw, a jigsaw, a scroll saw, a band saw, or a chainsaw, it’s going to be one hell of a saw. They’re responsible for almost anything in the house from your tables to your drawers to the cabinets, these saws have shown how useful they are at creating the stuff you need in your home.

Reciprocating saw

They could also be considered extraterrestrial or “aliens” because not all people are aware of them. I mean, not everyone has heard of a reciprocating saw or a wood router. But they deserve to be known because of their intelligence. Likewise, if there really are extraterrestrial beings outside the earth, shouldn’t they be known too?

It may be weird for you, but saws are obviously intelligent tools. Try looking at them from a different point of view, and you’ll see.