How Real Are Extra-Terrestrials?


Let’s face it.

All those rumors about extra-terrestrials?

They have been going on for quite a while now. They have ONLY been going on for quite a while now.

No evidence. No hard evidence also. No plain evidence even.

This brings us to probably the most important question of this age: How real are extra-terrestrials?

You see, nothing is really known about extra-terrestrials. No matter what researchers see on crop circles and no matter what archaeologists see on ancient ruins, no matter what scientists see on old specimens and no matter what people see at night – nothing changes the fact that there’s no concrete evidence about the existence of extra-terrestrials in our world.

How real are extra-terrestrials?

No one really knows.

What we do know is that ever since the dawn of time, there’s a race of humans who believed in higher intelligence; hence, the likeness of the Great Pyramids in Egypt and other buildings that are seemingly impossible to build unless people had help from someone far more superior than them in terms of aptitude and other skills needed for one to create a masterpiece like no other.

What we do know is that ever since the dawn of time, there’s a race of humans who lived with higher intelligence; hence, the likeness of Stonehenge and other structures that are seemingly impossible to build unless people from before are far more superior than us in terms of aptitude and other skills needed for one to create a masterwork like never before.

That being said, we can only come up with these conclusions for now:

There’s more than meets the eye. There’s more to learn about our world.

How about you?

Do you believe in extra-terrestrials?

Do you believe in others having higher intelligence? Do you believe in us having higher intelligence?

Let discuss more on the comments section below!

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The truth will always resurface

Encounter with extraterrestrial beings during a flight

Strange happenings kept on occurring everyday. More and more people are confirming that they had an encounter with the extraterrestrial beings. There was businessman; he refused his named to be mentioned on this blog because he is afraid that people will make fun of him. His encounter with extraterrestrial being took place with one of his flights going overseas. He said that other passengers witnessed what he saw. Everybody on that plane was terrified to the point that the pilot had to deal with the situation. The pilot assured them that they are in good hands and nothing will happen to them. Most of the passengers volunteered to inform the media, pilot was in agreement with them. However after they landed, the pilot was denying what happened. It could be that the airport he was working for refused to be part of all this. They don’t want chaos and their business name become associated with happenings like this. The businessman approached him when he had the chance to speak with him alone. He asked him why he denied the incident. The pilots simply nod his head and told him that it would be better if they will just forget what happened on that flight.

Why does it feel like that this issue is being avoided at all cost?

We humans who live on this Earth have our own superstitions with all the things that are happening around us. We cannot blame ourselves because it seems that NASA is hiding the truth from us. NASA might just trying to prevent enormous breakdown it may cause for simple citizens like us, but still we have the right to know the truth. Regardless how hard they hide the truth, it will always resurface.

Carl Sagan a professional cosmologist found out that there are a millions of unexplainable forms of life in our galaxy. His findings opened many questions, if there are millions of forms of life in our galaxy alone, then the possibility is high that aliens do really exist. Even his partner confirmed that Milky way is scattered with hundreds of human technology. Where all these technology came from?

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Alien Abduction

Why are they doing this?

Are we really alone? Or there are mysteries that we haven’t uncovered yet? My love for conspiracies has brought me into the world of questioning. There are individuals who are claiming that they were abducted by aliens. These are professional individuals who are earning decent salary; they are not trying to get public attention. Who wants public attention when you will end up being judged?  What is their purpose in sharing their stories? After watching interviews of these people, I often find myself afraid. What if the same thing happens to me?

The question is why are they doing this? Some people say that aliens want to be humans. They find us beautiful compared to their physical appearance. Some people say that aliens are wanting to migrate here on Earth, however their physical attribute is not designed to live on planet earth, that’s why they want to be us. They can stay here but not for a long period of time unlike humans, because this is our home.

There are other stories that they play with our minds. They want to communicate but cannot reveal their identity as this may cause awareness among us. Aliens understand that we are also smart like them and they are afraid with what humans can do. They may have the most advance technologies but they don’t have the intuition like human has. Our uniqueness and unpredictability makes us difficult subject for them to understand. According to the books I read, aliens follow rules letter by letter, cannot miss one thing, otherwise they will be punished to death. There is always a barrier between human world and their world, no other parties can cross over permanently but it is possible to cross over temporarily.

Failed abduction of a little girl

I find these stories hard to believe until I met Krisha. She seems to be a normal little girl, she is always happy and cheerful until one night she had a nightmare. Krisha was shouting and crying that night, her parents hurried and went to her room. They asked her what happened. She said she saw a monster who wanted to take her. Her parents asked her to describe the monster who tried to abduct her. I’m having goosebumps right now as I tell you this story. She said it has a big head and bald, it has very dark eyes and has odd teeth. She sleeps now with her parents because she had a trauma that night.