Anything is possible


Outer Space

Don’t close your eyes on the things you don’t understand. Our history proved that skepticism is a hindrance in learning and discovering the truth. I know you would say, “To see is to believe.” It happened time and time again that our eyes and understanding have failed us to see what lies ahead. Back in time, there was no plane. Skeptics said that it was a crazy idea to build a machine that will lift you off the ground but Wright brothers proved them wrong. Why do you think they think that way? Because they have never seen any human being who was able to fly. Their eyes failed them to see the possibility that we can defy gravity. Let’s go back further in time, before there was no light bulb. People had to use lamps to provide them light at night, but Thomas Edison came into the picture. He said we can have better source of light at night, I will bring you light bulb. Here again the skeptics discouraging and advising him that he was pursuing the impossible. Thomas Edison failed so many times but then again, he proved them wrong.

Not satisfied with my explanation? You still insist that “to see is to believe?”. You will still insist that we should only believe when it’s happening before our very eyes? Do you see air? No. Because air is an intangible substance, you cannot see it, hold it but you can feel it. That’s my point. We may not have seen aliens yet, but we feel their existence. They are providing tiny clues and glimpses of who they are. Slowly but surely, they are showing us that there is life beyond Earth. I don’t know their intentions why they are crossing our world but we have to know.

I just mentioned two out of many paradigm shifts. If you want to go back and know the full history of Wright brothers and Thomas Edison, I have provided you with references below. Check them out.

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