The truth will always resurface

Encounter with extraterrestrial beings during a flight

Strange happenings kept on occurring everyday. More and more people are confirming that they had an encounter with the extraterrestrial beings. There was businessman; he refused his named to be mentioned on this blog because he is afraid that people will make fun of him. His encounter with extraterrestrial being took place with one of his flights going overseas. He said that other passengers witnessed what he saw. Everybody on that plane was terrified to the point that the pilot had to deal with the situation. The pilot assured them that they are in good hands and nothing will happen to them. Most of the passengers volunteered to inform the media, pilot was in agreement with them. However after they landed, the pilot was denying what happened. It could be that the airport he was working for refused to be part of all this. They don’t want chaos and their business name become associated with happenings like this. The businessman approached him when he had the chance to speak with him alone. He asked him why he denied the incident. The pilots simply nod his head and told him that it would be better if they will just forget what happened on that flight.

Why does it feel like that this issue is being avoided at all cost?

We humans who live on this Earth have our own superstitions with all the things that are happening around us. We cannot blame ourselves because it seems that NASA is hiding the truth from us. NASA might just trying to prevent enormous breakdown it may cause for simple citizens like us, but still we have the right to know the truth. Regardless how hard they hide the truth, it will always resurface.

Carl Sagan a professional cosmologist found out that there are a millions of unexplainable forms of life in our galaxy. His findings opened many questions, if there are millions of forms of life in our galaxy alone, then the possibility is high that aliens do really exist. Even his partner confirmed that Milky way is scattered with hundreds of human technology. Where all these technology came from?

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